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Free Resources for Staying Home During COVID-19

Amy Collier
4 min readMar 17, 2020


As an introverted freelancer, avoiding other people and staying in my house is nothing new. But perhaps you’re just getting used to it or looking to expand indoor activity options.

The Basics

Medication delivery

Now might be a good time to switch your meds to home delivery. I just did that with mine through CVS, and it was quick and easy and, as of writing this, seems to be a free service. You may also be able to set up delivery through your health insurance portal. I highly recommend you look into this since it’s one less trip you’ll have to make outside the house!

Education + Entertainment


Did you know there’s a free streaming service that’s 5x bigger than Netflix and you can sign up for free with a library card? (Many major city libraries and universities participate.) It’s called Kanopy, and it’s pretty awesome. Their selection is largely indie films, documentaries, classics, and period pieces.


Similar to Kanopy but for ebooks and audiobooks, you can access Libby through participating libraries. The service provides you with thousands of titles to choose from. If you’re already a podcast addict, Libby might be for you.

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Hoopla is also available for free through many libraries. Same idea as Kanopy and Libby, but includes several different areas of media: movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, ebooks (including a wide selection of children’s books), and comics. Never read the original Watchmen? Maybe now’s the time.


Think Kanoby, Libby, and Hoopla are all the free media sources you can potentially access through your university or local library? Think again. RBdigital offers access to audiobooks, comics, educational courses, ebooks, movies, and TV, but it also offers access to news media and magazines which is pretty great for news junkies.

Virtual museum tours

With school out and kids cooped up, doesn’t hurt to try a virtual field trip. Or perhaps you’d like a new date night location. “Experience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home.”

IDK what’s going on here, but looks intense!

Stream the opera

If opera’s your thing, the Metropolitan Opera is hosting nightly streams of its shows. Here’s a schedule of events.

Educational resources for kids

Are you a teacher or parent and want students at your local schools to have access to more online learning tools? Due to all the school closings, a lot of online educational programs are offering free services to keep your kids learning while they’re home. Here’s a list of such programs! Reach out and see if your school can sign up.

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Take Your Kids on Field Trips to National Parks

Not in person of course, but several national parks offer interactive tours! Also you don’t have to be or have a kid to take advantage of this, you can also just be an adult with cabin fever.

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Language Learning

You may not be able to travel right now, but it’s the perfect time to prepare for a future trip. Here is a long list of resources for free language learning, including online courses via edX. You can download the Duolingo app right on your phone.

Classic Puerto Rican films

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture is making a collection of classic Puerto Rican films from 1940–1960 available for free in Spanish to the public via If you are a Spanish speaker, you can learn about Puerto Rico’s cultural heritage.

Audit an Ivy Leage course online

Perhaps you can use your free time to learn a new skill through a free online course in areas such as programming, computer science, art and design, humanities, engineering and more.

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Read some satire

Look, we’re all stressed out right now and in need of some comic relief. You’re probably aware of The Onion, but I also recommend McSweeney’s which is well-known among comedy writers and lit nerds.

Stay home and stay safe, folks. Hope these links help in the process. I’ll continue to update the list as I become aware of useful services!