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Emergency Pet Housing Resources
Payment Plans
Financial Aid Resources
Crowdfunding for Pets
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources
Low Cost Veterinary Care
Low Cost Dental Care
Low Cost Vaccinations
Pet Food Pantries
Free Pet Stuff
Basic Behavioral Training

Emergency Pet Housing Resources

ZWB Pet Fostering-to-Return Connection — Boston Area
Eligibility: Open to anyone experiencing hardships including but not limited to housing instability, divorce, job loss, hospitalization, escaping domestic violence, and more. This is a meeting ground for peer-to-peer community help to temporarily house pets.

ARL’s Temporary Pet Housing Initiative
Eligibility: Any pet owner who may be experiencing housing instability or who may be at imminent risk…


Bay State Textiles

Bay State Textiles collects used clothing via bins located in various school parking lots in the area, but also recycles textiles that are not fit for donation. According to the FAQ page of their website:

Q: Can I recycle my textiles that are ripped and stained?
A: Yes. Bay State Textiles will accept your textiles in any condition, as long as it is clean and dry! If it can’t be reused, it gets recycled into wiping rags, or broken down into fibers and made into new materials.”

You can use this tool to find a location near you (though it…

With mounting advice to stay home as much as possible, we’re in for a very different season this year. If you’re looking for ways to support local farms while keeping yourself and your neighbors safe, here are some places that can do home delivery.

NOTE: Afew of these places now have waitlists, but I encourage you to consider joining a waitlist if you think you’d like the service offered. Waitlisting allows these small businesses to grow their services in a way that’s healthy for employees which is overall a great thing. …

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As an introverted freelancer, avoiding other people and staying in my house is nothing new. But perhaps you’re just getting used to it or looking to expand indoor activity options.

The Basics

Medication delivery

Now might be a good time to switch your meds to home delivery. I just did that with mine through CVS, and it was quick and easy and, as of writing this, seems to be a free service. You may also be able to set up delivery through your health insurance portal. …

I recently researched CSAs with delivery/pickup in Jamaica Plain in Boston. It’s a lot of money up front and a multi-week commitment, so I wanted to know my options. Since this kind of internet toiling complete with scouring old threads on forums and digging multiple pages into farm websites to see the actual cost of things is a giant pain, I thought I would save some work for anyone else in this position. The result is the list below, which features each location’s most basic CSA option. (Often farms offer several CSA options in varying size and content, and I’ve…

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